Frequently Asked Questions

Q1 How often should I have my carpet cleaned?
A At a minimum, you should clean once a year. Your carpet will not be damaged if cleaned correctly and on a regular basis.

Some homeowners express their fears that once the carpet is cleaned, it will re-soil more quickly. This fear is a result of improper cleaning on the part of many cleaning companies. Many of these companies will buy the least expensive cleaning solutions, won’t provide the proper training for their technicians and will not offer a separate rinse step in order to remove detergent residue. If detergent is left in the carpet accelerated re-soiling will occur.

Super Green Carpet Clean Wellington uses a thorough method of cleaning that includes a rinse step after the prespray process. This method removes deep down soil and leaves no detergents to accelerate the re-soiling process.

The fact is the best thing you can do for your carpets is to have them regularly cleaned by a professional carpet cleaning company. It is the build up of soil that promotes wear to your carpet far more than foot traffic. Foot traffic grinds the soil against the carpet fibers and causes a sandpaper effect. This will cause the fibers to dull and become warn looking.

Q2 Why do some carpet cleaners advertise extremely low prices (as low as $20.00 per room) and when they arrive to clean my carpets the price always goes up.
A It is an old trick called bait and switch. Simply, they want you to book with them because the price is too good to refuse. When the cleaner arrives at your house you will be charged all the extras like extra for stain removal, extra for medium to heavy soiling, extra because you will be told your carpet needs and industrial clean, extra for deodorising, extra because the $20.00 per room price only applies when you have 15 rooms cleaned and the list goes on. A professional carpet cleaner will include spot and stain removal, heavy soiling, deodorising etc in the price quoted over the phone.

Q3 If I am going to pay for a quality carpet clean, what should I receive?
A You should receive:1. Carpet prespray with a high quality non-toxic solution.
2. Expertise spot and stain removal.
3. Removal of soils and cleaning agents.
4. No residue left in carpet.
5. Deodorising.
6. Movement of furniture.With Super Green Carpet Clean you will also receive the piece of mind that we use the most Eco Friendly products and systems available.

Q4 My friend tells me not to have my carpet cleaned because when she had them cleaned the carpets became dirty very quickly.
A Yes this can happen when a poor quality carpet cleaner pumps your carpet with detergent and does not rinse the detergent out. A professional carpet cleaner will avoid this problem by prespraying your carpet first, then rinsing the prespray out, similar to a rinse cycle on a washing machine.

Q5 How much should I pay to have my carpets and upholstery cleaned?
A This depends on what level of service you receive. If you are after a quick, cheap service where only a 1 stage process will be used, some companies quote as low as $5.00 per room. If you own your carpet and require a high standard of service, where there may be a 4 or 6 stage process, you can expect to pay between $35.00 and $50.00 per room.On average you will pay $35.00 per seat for quality lounge suite cleaning.

Q6 How soon can I walk on my carpet after cleaning?
A Immediately, a professional carpet cleaner will clean the carpet fibres only. The backing, underlay or floorboards should not get wet.

Q7 What furniture will be moved when I have my carpets cleaned?
A At Super Green Carpet Clean, all of our packages include moving the majority of furniture in the main living area.  Most companies will charge you extra for this service. Beds, dressers, and heavier pieces are left in place under our standard pricing. Additional charges will apply to move heavier furniture. For liability reasons we do not move: fish tanks, china hutches, entertainment systems, pianos, or other valuable belongings.

It is always best to remove items to an area that is not being cleaned before we arrive.

Q8 What stains will be removed when I have my carpets cleaned?
A A spot is a substance that is adhered to the carpet fibre, but has not become set.
A stain is more advanced and may have become set. A professional carpet cleaner will remove all spots (food, grease, mud, etc). A professional carpet cleaner will have more problems removing a set or permanent stain compared to a spot. Super Green Carpet Clean carries a large amount of stain removal solutions for the removal of coffee, tea, blood, cola, urine, red wine etc. If the stain has not set and become permanent, stain removal can be successful.

Our Policy for Stain removal is as follows:
Normal spotting and stain removal is included in our cleaning price and our cleaning process.
If at the completion of cleaning there are stains that have not been removed in the cleaning process that require extra treatments such as “Heat transfer methods” or “Spot dyeing” these procedures will be discussed with you and a quote given for the removal of these more difficult stains.
We will also discuss with you whether the stain will respond to extra treatment and the likelihood of the stain being able to be removed, partially removed or lightened or if the stain is deemed permanent. Often extra treatments as mentioned above are not required as 85% of spots and stains are removed in the initial
cleaning process.

Q9 How long does it take for my carpet to dry after cleaning?
A From 30 minutes to 8 hours. It depends on what system is used and the degree of soiling. For example, if your carpets are extremely soiled and we need to use a 6 stage system, it can take between 2 hours and 8 hours to dry.The average drying time is 4 hours.

Q10 Will I be charged a cancellation fee if I cancel my booking?
We will not charge a cancellation fee if we have sufficient notice, generally the day before. We will charge a cancellation fee if you cancel when our technician is en route to your premises or you cancel on our arrival.  Our cancellation fee will vary between $55.00 and $110.00.

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